All group insurance plans issued in the State of Wisconsin have outpatient mental health benefits that may be used to pay for your sessions at Human Development Associates.  If you have questions about this, you can call the benefit information phone number on the back of your insurance card.

In addition, the staff at Human Development Associates is in network providers for Health Traditions and other HMO insurance plans in the area.

Payment plans are also available if paying for the cost of treatment would be prohibitive.  We offer a substantial discount on fees for payment on the date of service.  You can also obtain more specific information about payment by calling our receptionist.

Our fees are significantly lower than many of the hospitals and agencies in the area.  Because our staff is small and our offices secluded, we offer a greater level of privacy and personal service than any large group is able to.

The current fee schedule for 50-minute hours is as follows:

Assessment $275
Hourly $225
Same-Day Payment Discount
Assessment $175
Hourly $150


You are not broken.

Your life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be opened.

Your challenge is not to keep trying to repair what was damaged.

Rather, practice awakening what is already wise, strong and whole within you.

Cultivate the qualities of heart and spirit that are available to you this very moment.